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Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas - Design Tips | Kuechen Harmonie

December 11, 2018

Removable and Interchangeable Kitchen Backsplashes

kitchen backsplash

Looking to install an interchangeable or removable kitchen backsplash? In our last post we covered simple backsplash options but now it’s time to discover the many unique kitchen backsplash ideas in modern kitchen design. You can rely on the kitchens Glasgow based experts when designing any element of your kitchen.

Unique Kitchen Backsplash Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie

unique kitchen backsplash ideas

Removable Fabric and Acrylic

Fabric and acrylic are considered go-to materials in interchangeable backsplash design, particularly if you’re renting a property and know there will be a time when you have to remove it. Because fabric is so readily available, comes in different patterns, colours and textures and can be easily de and re attached to a wall using tape, it is ideal for use behind a kitchen sink! Also placing plexiglass or acrylic on top of it to makes it waterproof.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Another one of our clever, interchangeable and unique kitchen backsplash ideas is to use vinyl wallpaper. Like fabric, vinyl wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns which makes easy to integrate into any kitchen whether the space be big, small, traditional or modern. It is a relatively cost effective option, which you can make a feature of! If you get bored of it, just swap it for another style!

Chalkboard Paint

Our last suggestion, which is great for families, is to put chalkboard paint behind your kitchen sink! Chalkboard paint is perfect for busy households in general and can be a fun addition to your kitchen. You can write and draw whatever you would like to, and change it whenever you feel like it. As the chalkboard paint is black, it isn’t too overbearing and won’t dominate a kitchen space. Whether you’re writing a shopping list, leaving a message for someone or just making a note to remember, a chalkboard paint backsplash is one of the most unique kitchen backsplash ideas!

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