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Traditional Scottish House Designs - Kitchen Tips | Kuechen Harmonie

May 15, 2019

Scotland’s Home of the Year: Stand Out Kitchen Design Tips

traditional scottish house designs

Looking for some kitchen design inspiration? In honour of Scotland’s Home of Year, which recently aired on BBC Scotland, Kuechen Harmonie has decided to share some of our own stand out kitchen design tips! Even some of the most traditional Scottish house designs feature a bespoke kitchen!

As we mentioned in our last post, summer is approaching! And with the new season comes some stand out kitchen design tips. Trust our kitchens Glasgow team when looking to create your dream space!

Tips for Scottish Kitchen Design from Kuechen Harmonie

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Start Fresh

One of the most important tips with kitchen design is to make sure you’re starting fresh. To make the most of any environment you need to start a new plan and consider what your priorities are. Of course, if you have elements of your old kitchen you would like to bring into the new one, you can – but don’t think of it as saving money and time! More often than not it can be a waste of time to keep an old appliance in your kitchen, as it probably won’t suit the new kitchen aesthetic and won’t be long lasting!

Light and Air

Everyone wants to optimise light and fresh air in a kitchen! Light can be incorporated into your kitchen easily by changing up the colour scheme, knocking through to open up a space or adding an entryway into the kitchen from the outdoors.


Finally, make sure you use space effectively! Though it may seem like one of the most important factors of designing a bespoke kitchen space; the best use of space sometimes can get lost. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a big or small, galley or l-shaped kitchen make sure you prioritise space. The Kuechen Harmonie design specialists can guide you through the process of making the right environment for your unique requirements.

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