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Special Kitchen Designs - Add Scottish Charm | Kuechen Harmonie

May 15, 2019

3 Ways to Add Scottish Charm to Your Kitchen Design

special kitchen designs

Looking for special kitchen designs? Kuechen Harmonie are experts when it comes to designing and installing bespoke kitchens. We understand how to design a kitchen specifically to the needs of the client. Looking to add some Scottish charm? Turn to our kitchens Glasgow based team!

As we mentioned in our last post, we are a highly experienced team of professionals looking to improve the functionality and quality of design amongst Scottish homes. We believe every home should have a kitchen which compliments it! Keep reading to find out how you can add some Scottish charm to your kitchen design.

Special Kitchen Designs from Kuechen Harmonie – How to Add Scottish Charm

Glasgow Scotland kitchen design

Specialist kitchen design from German quality professionals, Kuechen Harmonie.

Thanks to our location in the heart of Glasgow, we are surrounded by the best and latest in Scottish innovation. Therefore, we have a strong understanding of how to combine high quality German kitchens and interior decor elements native of Scotland.


Tartan is a rather obvious interior decor option if you’re looking to add an element of Scotland to your kitchen design. No, it doesn’t have to be tacky! Subtle hints of your favourite or your family tartan can be easily incorporated into a kitchen space via soft furnishings. For example, as chair covers at your dining room table, prints on your wall etc. A tartan element which, when included in a kitchen environment, will highlight and emphasise the existing design features from our German Nolte kitchen range.

Scottish Scenery

Bring in the Scottish countryside with help from our design specialists! Alter your colour scheme, materials and finishing touches to represent your most loved locations around the country. From the Highlands and Hebrides to the Borders, visit your favourite destinations for inspiration and change your kitchen plan accordingly. There are many ways to make special kitchen designs. And, with help from the Kuechen Harmonie team, your bespoke solution will reflect everything you have ever wanted in a kitchen!

Heritage and Culture

Lastly, incorporate even more Scottish charm into your new kitchen space with some heritage and culture! Scotland has an abundance of cultural symbols and heritage you can easily make a feature of in a kitchen. Whether it’s a quote from your favourite poet or a furnishing similar in design to that of Glasgow icon of design; Charles Rennie MacKintosh, think outside the box to make your kitchen as personal as possible. We can make your kitchen dreams come true!

Trust Kuechen Harmonie to design your ideal kitchen space.