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Sink in Kitchen Island - Pros and Cons | Kuechen Harmonie

December 18, 2018

Pros and Cons of Having a Sink in Kitchen Island

Thinking of fitting a sink in your kitchen island? There are so many options when it comes to kitchen island design. Every element has pros and cons! The kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie will help you find the right solution for your design needs.

The Pros and Cons of a Sink in a Kitchen Island from Kuechen Harmonie


Improve Food Prep

Including a sink in the design of your kitchen island is likely to improve the functionality of your food preparation at meal times. A sink is used every day and so, in having it installed on an open space such as an island, you’ll have much more surface area to wash and prepare ingredients for cooking. Also, because an island is located in the centre of the kitchen the whole process of transferring your food from the sink to your hob will be much smoother.

Open Space to Socialise

Another advantage of having an appliance like a sink installed into your island is that you will be able to socialise with friends or family members while doing the washing up or preparing food. It is likely that if you had a sink on your counter-top, you’ll be facing the wall!

Less Space for Island Clutter

And finally, if you have a sink installed on your kitchen island, there will be less surface area for clutter to accumulate! Because kitchen islands are at the centre of a kitchen, it is more often than not the case that family members will use it to put bags, phones and post on. However, if you have a sink which takes up a large amount of space on the island then clutter won’t be able to gather!

sink in kitchen island

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Washing up is Visible

An inconvenience of having a sink in your kitchen island is that if your washing up was to build up, it would be easy to notice. Having a pile of plates and bowls on your kitchen island is enough to ruin the aesthetic of your whole kitchen!

Take up Space

As mentioned previously, a sink can take up a lot of space on a kitchen island. However, this can be seen as a negative if you already are limited with space in your kitchen. Therefore if you have a sink installed in an island you may be passing up the chance to have a coffee machine, mixer or any other electrical appliance. So, choose the size of your sink carefully!

No Backsplash

Also, you won’t be able to have a customised backsplash if you choose to combine your sink and kitchen island! You will be giving up the chance to try out all the difference interchangeable and unique ideas we mentioned in our last post.

Limit for Entertaining

The final reason why you should consider the design of your kitchen island very seriously is because a sink in an island may limit your ability to eat meals and entertain in the kitchen setting. Of course, this completely depends on the size of your kitchen and layout of your home, however you should consider whether or not your ability to host guests will be affected by the sink.

It doesn’t matter what your preference of kitchen design you may have, Kuechen Harmonie will work with you!

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