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Organising Kitchen Ideas - Maximise Your Space | Kuechen Harmonie

July 1, 2019

How to Organise Your Kitchen to Maximise Your Entertaining Space

organising kitchen ideas

At Kuechen Harmonie, we believe that the kitchen really is the heart of the home, and we recently gave you advice on the best features to entertain your guests. Following on that, today, we will give you more kitchen organising ideas on how to maximise your entertaining space.

1. Install good kitchen lighting

Lighting can change the whole atmosphere of a room, and so it’s crucial that you choose the right kind of lighting for your kitchen. Your choice will depend on your tastes, but also on your existing space, and how much natural light your kitchen windows currently receive.

2. Make your kitchen work for you

While keeping up to date with kitchen trends is nice, it should only be an inspiration and a starting point. You also need your kitchen to be functional and adapted to the use you will make of it. If you like to entertain often, and a large number of people, you will need more storage and more seats, than you would need in a regular kitchen. In that case, a kitchen island would be perfect for you, as well as plenty of wall storage. If you prefer to host smaller gatherings, then bar stools and an open kitchen would work best for you.

3. French Windows

French windows are a smart and efficient way to add space to your kitchen! When not entertaining, it will be nice to have a view of your garden from your kitchen. When you’re having guests and your kitchen is in full capacity, you will be able to make the garden an extension of the kitchen, by setting up outdoor furniture, and leaving the french windows open.

Organising Kitchen Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie

If you would like more ideas for kitchen organising or would like Kuechen Harmonie to help you design a bespoke kitchen which will fit perfectly into your home, get in touch today! For the best kitchens Glasgow has on offer, visit our showroom.