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September 25, 2018

Don’t Ignore These 3 Details When Remodelling a Kitchen

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Are you thinking of remodelling your kitchen? When remodelling or renovating your kitchen there are a range of things you need to consider. The modern luxury kitchen design experts from Kuechen Harmonie will be able to help you!

We have helped many different clients to create the kitchen of their dreams. However, during the remodelling process, there is a need to make a lot of important decisions. And so, it is extremely valuable to have the support of our kitchens Glasgow based team. Help us make your kitchen renovation experience; exciting, not agonising!

Don’t Ignore These Modern Luxury Kitchen Design Details

modern luxury kitchen design

Don’t ignore these important kitchen design details while renovating.

The Golden Triangle

Functionality is one of the most important things to consider when remodelling a kitchen. Therefore, it is essential you pay attention to where they will be located in the room. A theory developed in 20th-century kitchen design, “the kitchen triangle” or “the golden triangle,” states that your sink, hob and fridge should be placed the formation of a triangle. This was believed to be the way to have the best kitchen flow and some people still apply it today! Obviously, the size and shape of your room may not cater for this, but it is something to consider.

Accessible and Out of Sight Waste Area

Another more practical detail to consider is your kitchen’s waste and recycling area. Though it may be a more boring part of the room, it is still vital to think about and plan for. Make sure the place you are using for rubbish is accessible but also out of sight – make effective use of the area by including different sections for recyclable plastics, cardboards, tins and glass. This way, come bin day, you’ll have all your different compartments ready to be emptied and disposed of.


And finally, make sure you are putting thought into kitchen ventilation. The fan should be getting rid of stale air and circulating air effectively! If your oven hood isn’t working, you’ll be to tell very quickly. Also, it goes without saying but, make sure that your kitchen windows are opened regularly. If you’re cooking, ensure that there is somewhere for the smoke and steam to go! Though you’ll have the extractor fan, opening your windows will do very well to improve ventilation and eradicate smells.

If you have completed your kitchen design, you may be looking for some new gadgets! Take a look at our last post for our top picks.

Make the most of your kitchen renovation with help from our design team!