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Modern Kitchen Features - Kitchen Elements in 2019 | Kuechen Harmonie

December 29, 2018

Modern Features to Bring your Kitchen into 2019

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Want to update your kitchen in 2019? Kuechen Harmonie are experts in finding the most modern kitchen features which will bring your space into the new year! The kitchens Glasgow based team love finding inspiration from different areas in modern design.

3 Modern Kitchen Features and Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie

modern kitchen features

Embrace new features in your kitchen with help from Kuechen Harmonie!

Boiling Water Tap

Prioritising convenience in 2019? Invest in a boiling water tap! Save time and water by choosing to fit a boiling hot water tap in your kitchen in the new year. Using only 3 pence of energy a day, a tap of this variety is much more economical than over filling a kettle!

Smart Kitchen Lighting

If you’re trying to find an alternative lighting system, smart lighting is worth looking into! A kitchen plays so many different roles in a home, so why not install lighting that will reflect that? Smart lighting can be controlled by an app, which allows you to change how bright the lights are, change the colour of the lights (if you have coloured LEDs), and create the perfect ambience. You can have one kind of lighting for cooking, a different one for entertaining and another separate one for reading. Smart lighting systems can also be activated by voice, through the Amazon Echo, the Google Home etc. Smart lighting systems are the perfect way of including some modern kitchen features in your home while transforming your kitchen.

In fact, a smart lighting system can make a feature of any part of your kitchen, particularly islands. Want to learn more about incorporating an island into your space? Take a look at our last post.


Do you love to grow your own herbs? Hydroponic kits allow you to grow greens, plants, crops, fruit and herbs inside without any mess and hassle. Without any soil, hydroponic systems use pH-balanced water. This type of growing is incredibly popular in urban homes and adds the right amount of greenery to a kitchen space!

Rely on the Kuechen Harmonie team when looking for contemporary kitchen solutions!