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Our Favourite Kitchen Wall Colours This Summer| Kuechen Harmonie

June 24, 2019

Our Favourite Kitchen Wall Colours This Summer

In our last post, we discussed the best entertainment features for your kitchen, and today, we will give you the best kitchen wall colours to paint your kitchen for the summer.
Scotland may not be as sunny as exotic holiday destinations, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of sunshine into your home. Painting your kitchen walls in bright colours will transform the space, adding some warmth and vitality into your kitchen!


Coral is a great shade of pink which proves pink doesn’t have to be over the top. Coral can often be seen in beach houses, and for many people, coral kitchens are synonymous with summer and holidays. It’s a timeless colour which is sure to add some fun and sophistication to your kitchen this summer. Coral kitchen walls would complement white, grey or brown cabinets – it is a really versatile colour.
coral is a versatile, timeless colour ideal for kitchen wall colours


Marigold is a very energetic, bright and bold colour, which is sure to give a vibrant summer look to your kitchen all year long. It’s an ideal colour if your kitchen cabinets are white, pale blue, or sage green, perfectly complimenting each other. As marigold is such a strong colour, we recommend minimal decoration throughout the kitchen, in colours like sage green or white, for a simple, natural, and uncluttered look.
marigold yellow is a great choice for kitchen wall colours

Spring Green

Don’t let the name fool you, this shade still has its place on your kitchen walls in the summer, autumn, and winter! Green is a fresh colour, reminiscent of botanic gardens and lush summer greenery. Spring Green walls would look stunning paired with white or grey kitchen cabinets. A nice touch would be to add some house plants around your kitchen, which would truly make your kitchen look like a summer garden!
spring green kitchen wall colours

Kitchen Design and Your Kitchen Wall Colours

If you would like help designing your kitchen and choosing the perfect colours for your space, our team of expert designers at Kuechen Harmonie would be happy to help. Book a design consultation today.