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Kitchen Island with Hob - Kitchen Island Design Tips | Kuechen Harmonie

December 22, 2018

3 Reasons to Have a Hob in Your Kitchen Island

kitchen island with hob

Thinking about including a hob in your kitchen island design? Kitchen islands are so versatile, including a hob is a great idea if you are looking to create a unique, contemporary kitchen space. The kitchens Glasgow based experts will help you find the right kitchen island design for your specific needs.

Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island with Hob – Advice from Kuechen Harmonie

kitchen island hob ideas kuechen harmonie

Design the perfect kitchen island with help from Kuechen Harmonie!

More Space to Prepare Dishes

One of the main benefits involved with installing a hob into your island is that it will allow you to prepare food in more space. Your fitted kitchen counters will be free of food prep and cooking materials, meaning for more space and a more effective use of your kitchen. Preparing, cooking and plating up food in different spaces will also mean for less mess!


Another reason why you may be thinking of including a hob in your kitchen island is to improve the sociability of your kitchen! Instead of facing inward towards a wall, a hob on a kitchen island will enable you to cook while interacting with guests, family and friends. Also, you may find a hob on a kitchen island more appropriate for your lifestyle if you have young children and would like to cook while being able to keep an eye on them. You can create a whole new dining experience! Place seating around the island and converse while you cook!

Sleek and Modern Aesthetic

And lastly, many people opt for a hob on their kitchen island if they are going for a sleek kitchen aesthetic. Much like the interchangeable backsplash trend we mentioned in our last post, induction hobs are growing in popularity. This is because they are safer than gas or electric hobs, flat against a work surface and you have alternative options when it comes to choosing extractor fans. By installing a hob in an island you also have the opportunity to place it wherever you like; in the middle, to the side, you can put the hob in whatever part of the island you want to!

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