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Kitchen French Doors - Bring the Outdoors In | Kuechen Harmonie

April 19, 2019

Ways to Bring the Outdoors in to Your Kitchen

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Looking for ways to bring the outdoors into your kitchen? Kuechen Harmonie are experts when it comes to making the most of kitchen spaces – especially for the upcoming warmer months. From the addition of french kitchen doors to adding more greenery, there are many ways to make your kitchen space more functional and suitable for summer entertaining.

In our last post we discussed ways to make the most of an outdoor entertaining space, follow this post if you’re looking for inspiration as to how to combine outdoor and indoor elements together! The kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie understand how to go about bringing any kitchen space to life!

Bring the Outdoors into your Kitchen with Guidance from Kuechen Harmonie

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Kuechen Harmonie can help you create the perfect kitchen space no matter your tastes!

Kitchen French Doors

One of the easiest ways to combine exterior and interior elements together in a kitchen space is by adding or making a feature of kitchen french doors. Not only are you adding instant access to outdoor garden and patio areas, but you are opening up the space of your otherwise cut off dining room or kitchen. Often a replacement for windows, kitchen french doors also give you the chance to maximise the room’s natural light. The perfect addition if you’re seeking to make your kitchen right for the summer months!

Plantlife and Herbs

Though it may sound obvious, adding more greenery to your kitchen will add just the right amount of the outdoors! Not only are plants great for improving the aesthetic of a space, a plant can become the feature of a room because of its colour and texture. Also, why not think about growing your own herbs? Indoor herb gardens will look great on any kitchen worktop and add that little bit more of freshness to your meals!

Open Plan Layout

If you’re planning a more dramatic kitchen redesign in time for summer, why not create an open plan space? At Kuechen Harmonie we firmly believe kitchens are there to suit your every functional need while maintaining style and quality. Therefore, if you want make a larger space for outdoor and indoor entertaining in the summer, interior structural work may be necessary. A kitchen specialist from our team will be able to work with you to plan a new kitchen layout which is all-encompassing.

Trust the Kuechen Harmonie team when looking to create your dream kitchen space.