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September 11, 2018

Don’t Overlook These Essential Kitchen Design Details

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Are you looking for kitchen inspiration? Don’t make the mistake of overlooking these essential kitchen design details! During the process of creating your kitchen, we understand that considering multiple design elements at once can become overwhelming.

We are proud to work with clients on a daily basis who love bespoke kitchen design as much as we do. The passionate kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie will make sure your needs are considered at every stage. We are here to guarantee the successful design and installation of your dream kitchen!

3 Kitchen Design Details you Shouldn’t Overlook

kitchen design details

We will consider every element possible in order to create your ideal kitchen!


When it comes to creating the right atmosphere, an effective lighting plan is vital. You aren’t going to be successful in making your new kitchen the heart of the home without carefully thinking about the lighting. Choose lighting that can set an ambiance, be practical and be used for general kitchen tasks. Some of our clients in the past have made use of LEDs and multi-coloured filters to create a sense of fun as well as establish a mood.

Take into account the style of your new design, what would compliment the space and what would be sustainable. Lighting can look great under countertops, cabinets and kitchen islands. It is very obvious when lighting hasn’t been considered when designing a kitchen. Don’t think about it last minute!


Every home is in need of a kitchen with a good amount of storage. It doesn’t matter what size your space is, it matters to make effective use of it. Do you want open or closed shelving? Will you have an island with added storage or not? For the optimal amounts of storage/shelving/cabinetry space, planning is needed. We have lots of experience in putting together unique, clever storage solutions that our clients immediately appreciate they use their kitchens for first time.

Reliable Appliances

Make sure you invest in quality appliances. Though you need to think about wearability when choosing every other feature in your kitchen; appliances are most relied upon by the home and are a large expense to repair. Sometimes the most stylish or trendy appliances at the time are not actually very good quality. Read the reviews of the ovens/fridges/dishwashers you are interested in before purchasing. Are the appliances you are considering going to work in 2 years time? Yes, they are the easiest kitchen design details to replace but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t last!

At Kuechen Harmonie we like to make sure that we inform clients of any kitchen advice and information needed! And so, take a look at our last post about kitchen islands.

Get the most out of your new kitchen with the Kuechen Harmonie design team.