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Kitchen Breakfast Nook - Functional Kitchen Ideas | Kuechen Harmonie

January 29, 2019

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Nook

kitchen breakfast nook

Looking to make the most of your kitchen space? Design the perfect kitchen nook with help from the kitchens Glasgow based experts from Kuechen Harmonie. An ideal solution if you’re struggling to utilise a corner of your kitchen! Improve meal times, your kitchen environment and functionality with a unique kitchen breakfast nook!

Design the Perfect Kitchen Breakfast Nook – Tips from Kuechen Harmonie

living area nook kitchen

Design a completely unique kitchen nook with help from Kuechen Harmonie.

Keep Cosiness in Mind

Incorporating any nook in your kitchen will automatically make the room that little bit more cosy! Go about designing and implementing the design element in the most effective way by making sure the seating you choose is comfortable, the textiles you use are quality and that you engulf the space in colour and blankets! In terms of design, use natural light and existing kitchen surroundings for inspiration. Create a space where people will want to lounge around and relax.

Get Creative

The type of furniture you choose for the nook is so important! It needs to work well for functionality and as mentioned previously; comfort. Be creative and have fun with your furnishing decisions! Many of your decisions may be influenced by the space you have available. But, don’t limit yourself! Are you going to prioritise comfort for more seating? As we mentioned in our last post, one the benefits of creating a completely custom space is that you can cater your kitchen specifically to your needs! Of course, if you’re struggling to make the most of a kitchen breakfast nook, the Kuechen Harmonie team will help.

Make it a Feature

Finally, why not make the breakfast nook a feature of the kitchen? This way guests and family members will use it properly and frequently. Add statement seating, curtains and light fittings! Also, making a feature of the nook is likely to transform the rest of your kitchen design.

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