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Designs for Kitchen Islands - Our Expert Advice | Kuechen Harmonie

September 4, 2018

4 Things to Consider When Designing a Kitchen Island

kitchen island design

Are you struggling to choose the right kitchen island? There are so many designs for kitchen islands around. Follow the advice from the experts Kuechen Harmonie and you will be on your way to creating your dream island!

Our kitchens Glasgow based team are experienced in helping households find solutions to their design problems. We are passionate about ensuring every kitchen we develop is completely unique, but still maintains that high standard of German design quality and engineering.

Designs for Kitchen Islands – Our Expert Advice

designs for kitchen islands

The Kuechen Harmonie team can advise on designs for kitchen islands!

What Size is Best for you?

Size is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a kitchen island. Think about how big your kitchen is and what size of island would suit it. There should be a good amount of space around the island to maintain the flow of the kitchen. However, you don’t want your island to be too small for the space – it will look lost.


Something else people might easily overlook when designing their kitchen island, is the shape. It might be simple to just assume your kitchen should have a rectangle/square island. But, what would really suit the space? When it comes to what would fit your kitchen the most – think creatively! Make your island oval, L-shaped or T-shaped.

Focus of Attention

Do you want your island to be the focus of the kitchen? Many people design or seek to incorporate an island into their kitchen to create a focal point and a place to socialise. A Kuechen Harmonie kitchen island will automatically become a feature for attention! Its bespoke elements will not only improve your kitchen functionality but also become a conversation piece for friends and family.

What is on Top? What is Below?

When thinking about the design for the island, take time to consider what is above and below the counter. Think about;

Lighting – To balance the space out above your island, why not try out low hanging lights? This way the room above your island won’t look bare. Also, it will help to create a warmer environment if your kitchen is open-plan.

However, you could also opt for lights to be incorporated into the island! Under/over counter lights can be added, which would immediately give your kitchen a more modern aesthetic.

Storage/Cupboards/Countertops – How much storage do you need? What cabinets would you like? Decide whether you would like your new island to match the rest of the kitchen or not! The Kuechen Harmonie team have designed many islands, most of which have featured clever, innovative storage solutions.

Materials? – As an island is a very permanent kitchen element, choose materials wisely. What will look the best for the longest amount of time? For example; stainless steel looks nice initially, but scratches are inevitable.

At Kuechen Harmonie we like to make sure our clients and potential customers are kept updated and informed when it comes to kitchen design. And so, look at our last post to find out more about kitchen renovation.

Trust Kuechen Harmonie when designing your kitchen island.