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Custom Made Kitchens - The Kitchen Design Process | Kuechen Harmonie

January 16, 2019

The Custom Kitchen Design Process

custom made kitchens

We believe in making the kitchen design process as enjoyable and creative as possible. The journey to our German standard custom made kitchens is simple! Kuechen Harmonie is dedicated making sure you are given as much time and design expertise from our team as possible!

Because every one of the custom made kitchens we have created are completely different; the design process is always altered slightly. For example, if you are designing a kitchen made from sustainable materials – which we go into more detail about in our last post – the process may take longer. However, at the base of all designs are these key stages.

Custom Made Kitchens – Kuechen Harmonie’s Design Process

custom kitchen

Our design process is ideal for custom made kitchens!


The first stage involves asking some critical questions. Think about what your real functional needs are! With a kitchens Glasgow based expert, you can browse our showroom. Look out for what you do and don’t like! We will then begin working to make your dream kitchen a reality.


Taking these ideas and plans forward, we will begin to design your kitchen. We will measure the space, carry out a survey and ensuring that no matter if you’re remodelling your current kitchen or starting from scratch, your every design need is catered to. Once we have collaborated and all ideas have been brought forward, we will provide you with a 3D design. This allows you to actually visualise your new kitchen and how it will fit in with your home.


Once we have finalised the design and price and you have selected your appliances and any other specific finishes; it will be time to request the services of our kitchen building team. At this stage, we will meet to arrange an installation date. Also, it is at this point that we will draw up a personal payment schedule.


After a final check to make sure every aspect of your custom designer kitchens has been manufactured to the highest standard, we will begin installing it. We will go about the installation with care and consideration for the rest of your home. Ensuring that every finishing touch and element fits perfectly. Don’t worry, we will keep you up to date throughout the process!


Once the kitchen build is complete, there will be a handover day organised; where we will make sure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction. It is also at this stage where we will hand over all the documents and provide instruction manuals for appliances etc.

Finally, it is time for you to start enjoying your dream kitchen!

Trust our design process to give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted!