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Custom Backsplashes for Kitchens | Kuechen Harmonie

December 4, 2018

Simple Design Ideas for Kitchen Splashbacks

Struggling with design inspiration for more specific parts of your kitchen? Kuechen Harmonie can help you in the process of choosing perfect design details such as custom backsplashes for kitchens.

Following on from our last post about preparing your home for a New Year’s celebration, we want to make sure that your kitchen is fully prepared for 2019! Our kitchens team in Glasgow is at hand to help with all your design questions!

Have you thought about your backsplash recently? Every kitchen has a sink, a backsplash is there to make it a feature! There are many very clever ways giving some textured, colourful and unique accents to a rather mundane backsplash.

Custom Backsplashes for Kitchens – Advice from Kuechen Harmonie

custom backsplashes for kitchens

Make the most of your kitchen sink with a custom backsplash designed by Kuechen Harmonie.


Something very popular at the moment are glass backsplashes. Glass sheet backsplashes can instantly add colour to a kitchen. They work particularly well with kitchens which have modern, glossy finishes. However, for a contrast it could work well to place a glass sheet backsplash in a kitchen with more of an industrial aesthetic.


Another way you can incorporate a bespoke backsplash into your kitchen is with tiles. Obviously, a backsplash made from tiles is very traditional and isn’t unheard of. However, there are many ways you can make a tiled backsplash unique. This is due to the hundreds and thousands of tiles on the market, from pearlescent glass tiles to traditional, mosaic ones. There is so much you can do with. Of course, there are also so many options when it comes to which way the tiles are orientated! This creates completely personalised patterns and aesthetic for your kitchen. If you are unsure where to start with such a versatile material, a kitchen design expert from Kuechen Harmonie will be more than happy to help.


Our final suggestion when it comes to creating custom splashbacks for kitchens is to go for metallics. Metallics can give your kitchen something that bit extra special! The sheen of metallic finished tiles will definitely compliment the other metal accents in the room. This is the perfect way of adding that bit more fun to an otherwise plainer domestic setting.

Rely on the Kuechen Harmonie team for quality kitchen design in 2019.