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Tips for Creating a Highly Functional Kitchen

functional kitchen

Struggling to design a functional kitchen? As the heart of the home, it can be difficult to create a space which suits your tastes, serves as a destination for socialising and meal preparation all at the time same. The kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie can help to design […]

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How to Design a Small Functional Kitchen

small functional kitchens

Looking for ideas for designing small functional kitchens? Kuechen Harmonie can help you create the space of your dreams; meeting your needs on both a stylistic and functional basis. Not only are we passionate about quality German design, but we’re also passionate about making sure we’re meeting every requirement of […]

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3 Ways to Make a Feature of a Kitchen Bay Window

kitchen with bay window

Struggling with your kitchen bay window? At Kuechen Harmonie we strive to make the most of all kitchen spaces. We believe you should make a feature of those aspects of the room you struggle to incorporate! Trust the kitchens Glasgow based experts when looking to make the most of your […]

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How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Nook

kitchen breakfast nook

Looking to make the most of your kitchen space? Design the perfect kitchen nook with help from the kitchens Glasgow based experts from Kuechen Harmonie. An ideal solution if you’re struggling to utilise a corner of your kitchen! Improve meal times, your kitchen environment and functionality with a unique kitchen […]

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3 Benefits of Building a Custom Kitchen

custom kitchen designer

Looking for a custom kitchen designer? With help of a Kuechen Harmonie kitchens Glasgow based expert, you can create a completely unique space which suits all your needs. With our quality German kitchen design there is no need to compromise! Benefits of Building a Custom Kitchen with Kuechen Harmonie Complete […]

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The Custom Kitchen Design Process

custom made kitchens

We believe in making the kitchen design process as enjoyable and creative as possible. The journey to our German standard custom made kitchens is simple! Kuechen Harmonie is dedicated making sure you are given as much time and design expertise from our team as possible! Because every one of the […]

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4 Ideas for Eco Friendly Kitchen Design

Want to design an environmentally conscious kitchen? There are so many small changes you can make to create a sustainable kitchen. Kitchens use so much energy! Seek out greener, eco kitchen design alternatives with help from Kuechen Harmonie. Eco Kitchen Design Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie Recycled Glass Worktops A recent […]

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Modern Features to Bring your Kitchen into 2019

kitchen window contemporary

Want to update your kitchen in 2019? Kuechen Harmonie are experts in finding the most modern kitchen features which will bring your space into the new year! The kitchens Glasgow based team love finding inspiration from different areas in modern design. 3 Modern Kitchen Features and Ideas from Kuechen Harmonie […]

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3 Reasons to Have a Hob in Your Kitchen Island

kitchen island with hob

Thinking about including a hob in your kitchen island design? Kitchen islands are so versatile, including a hob is a great idea if you are looking to create a unique, contemporary kitchen space. The kitchens Glasgow based experts will help you find the right kitchen island design for your specific […]

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Pros and Cons of Having a Sink in Kitchen Island

Thinking of fitting a sink in your kitchen island? There are so many options when it comes to kitchen island design. Every element has pros and cons! The kitchens Glasgow based team from Kuechen Harmonie will help you find the right solution for your design needs. The Pros and Cons […]

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