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Best Kitchen Layout for Entertaining | Kuechen Harmonie

October 31, 2018

How to Design a Guest Friendly Kitchen

best kitchen layout for entertaining

Do you love hosting parties? You should definitely consider incorporating your love of hosting into your new kitchen design. We believe the best kitchen layout for entertaining is something that works for your lifestyle and tastes. But of course, you must integrate some crucial elements to create a space completely perfect for parties.

Now that we’re getting into the festive season, make sure your home is ready! Whether you are looking to completely rearrange your space or add simplistic features, a kitchens Glasgow based team member from Kuechen Harmonie is here for you. We love to share advice and expertise with clients! In fact, take a look at our last post for more tips about how to make your kitchen cosier for the colder weather.

The Best Kitchen Layout for Entertaining – Tips from Kuechen Harmonie

Set an Ambiance

There is only so much a kitchen layout can do when it comes to feeling festive and prepping for a party! We believe that half of the work into creating the perfect conditions for a guest friendly kitchen is setting a mood. Incorporate warm lighting tones, dimmers; a way to make your kitchen feel festive as well as ready for a celebration! 

best kitchen layout for entertaining
Make sure your guests have the best time at your home with kitchen design from Kuechen Harmonie.

Lots of Seating

Another way we believe you can create the best kitchen layout  for entertaining is by including as much seating as possible. This doesn’t mean cram the space with chairs! Go about it in stylish, clever ways. Think about benches, find a table you like that has the ability to be extended, available seating will result in people coming together in that area of the house. Even if you haven’t designed your kitchen, you will be sure to find seating that suits your room.

Room to Move

No matter how many people you invite round for a party/gathering, they will most likely end up in the kitchen! So make sure that if you are redesigning your space to make it the best kitchen layout for entertaining to be sure there is a space where people can talk/dance/enjoy themselves. Though it may sound obvious, leave a certain amount of room for people to stand around! 

Open Plan

Though we believe in the fact that you can have a good time when you’re with the right company no matter what layout your kitchen is, obviously the best shape of kitchen for entertaining is open plan. In an open plan space it is so much easier to create separate areas for hosting, for example; bar, food, conversation and dance areas.

Design your perfect open plan hosting kitchen in time for party season with help from Kuechen Harmonie.